Summer camp for kids

Will be prepared group for beginners and advanced group. The camp is intended for children who want to get acquainted with horses, learn to ride and look after them. Beginners group will learn to ride jogtrot, galloping and maybe try to jump over little obstacles. Advanced group deepen their knowledge about horses, continuously improve the skills of jumping over the obstacles and take the lessons how professionally to control the horse. After the camp on the sixth day will be show jumping competition. All interested will be able to try their strenght.

"Equus" riding school for all who want to have a good time and learn to ride.

Campers age:

  • Beginners group from 8 years old;
  • Advanced group has no age limit;

Food: to have own;

Camp duration: 4 days (non-overnight) from 9am to 5pm;

Sports (advanced) camp start date: -

Camp fee: 150 Eur


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